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Enamel Tara Brooch Pin

TIT 7510.jpg
TIT 7510.jpg

Enamel Tara Brooch Pin

from 19.95

Lovely version of the Tara Brooch with beautiful enamel with silver accents

  • measures 1.25" in diameter at widest point for small pin
  • measures 2.25" in in diameter at widest point for large pin
  • designed in the style of the famous Tara Brooch an Irish brooch that was found in 1850 near the seashore at Bettystown, Co. Meath.  The elaborate brooch was made in about 700 AD and is now displayed in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.
  • This pin arrives in various colors
    • comes in Blue, Purple, Green, and Red
      • for a specific color request, please allow an extra week for before delivery
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