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Irish Oatmeal Bath Soak

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Irish Oatmeal Bath Soak


Need a good soak in a hot bath? 

Well, with just a cup of this oatmeal bath soak you can peacefully soak and melt all of your troubles away.  Gently scented with dried lavender buds, this calming, soothing, and relaxing bath soak will cleanse and nourish your skin.  

Oatmeal is one of nature's best natural skin care products.  We hope this bath soak will leave you feeling relaxed, peaceful, and well-nourished. According to Irish Legend, lavender has the ability to help ward off evil spirits, keeping you safe and pure.  We don't know about all of that, but it sure as heck can't hurt!!!

  • Size: 16 oz 
  • Scent: relaxing oatmeal lavender (100% natural fragrance from dried lavender buds)

  • Colors: natural oat-tan
  • Ingredients: oatmeal, lavender, baking soda

"There must be a quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them."  -Sylvia Plath

You can make the world a better place one bath at a time. Every time you purchase from Shamrock Soaps you help them partner with organizations that promote health, reduce poverty and violence, and increase educational opportunities locally and around the world. A percentage of all proceeds are donated to various charities by Shamrock Soaps.

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